Soegijapranata Accounting Competition

It is a national level University Accounting competition that aims to explore the potential of accounting students throughout Indonesia and form competitive student characters in the accounting field. 

Preparing accounting students to be more critical and responsive to current issues and in terms of solving a problem. 

Introducing Soegijapranata Catholic University Accounting while establishing good relationships with other universities throughout Indonesia, educating accounting students related to current accounting issues. 

Akuntansi Mengabdi

The Accounting Study Program Student Association, which is one of the Soegijapranata Catholic University student organizations, also wants to help in realizing development by instilling the value of care through Accounting activities. 

Serving to help the community, especially in the field of education. Students are invited to share knowledge, blessings, and happiness packed in various games to younger siblings in several elementary schools in Semarang City. 

Fun Accounting

A series of activities aimed at familiarizing accounting students and expressing their interests and talents in non-academic fields in various forms of sports competitions. 

Accounting Student Delegation

A forum for Unika Soegijapranata accounting students to further develop themselves in the academic field, especially preparing students who are interested in participating in competitions. 

Socialization of KRS Online & Point System

Helping new first semester students to know how to properly operate the online KRS system at Soegijapranata Catholic University, and helping to reduce errors that exist when new first semester students run KRS online. 

Socialization of Elective Courses

Providing knowledge and direction to students of the Accounting Study Program at Soegijapranata Catholic University in semester 5 in deciding their elective courses in semester 6. 

Gathering HMPSA

It is an activity to find out more about each individual so that it can increase intimacy among members of the new period HMPSA. 

In addition, through this gathering, it is hoped that all HMPSA administrators will better understand their roles and responsibilities as mediators between students and the Accounting Study Program in order to establish a synergistic relationship in lecture activities. 

Comparative Study

In order to improve the quality and knowledge and experience in the organization, HMPSA conducts Comparative Study activities. This activity is a forum for exchanging experiences and building good relationships with fellow HMPSA at other universities.