UNIKA Accounting study program has been established since 1992. Until now, we continue to dedicate ourselves to forming and producing graduates with integrity, character, and professionalism in the business world, especially in the field of accounting.
The Accounting Study Program has been accredited A since 2000, and in 2023 it will receive an EXCELLENT accreditation.

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What Make Us Special?

Accounting UNIKA is a superior study program as evidenced by the achievement of A accreditation since 2000.
Here are our vision, mission, and goals.


The vision of the Accounting Study Program is to become a superior academic community in the field of accounting based on Christianity values.

The vision and mission that have been set become the basis for the Accounting Study Program to determine the objectives, strategies and targets for achieving the vision and mission.  


  1. Organizing superior education, research, and community service in the field of accounting.  
  2. Building cooperation with various parties relevant to the field of accounting.
  3. Building commitment, cohesiveness, and competence to realize a superior academic culture.
  4. Encouraging the realization of environmentally friendly organizational governance. 


  1. Producing graduates who are professional and have integrity in the field of accounting.
  2. Producing works of teaching, research and community service in the field of accounting.
  3. Establish cooperation with various parties both at home and abroad.  
  4. Realizing the value of commitment, cohesiveness, and competence in a sustainable manner to achieve a superior academic culture.  
  5. Supporting the realization of environmentally friendly business governance. 

Our Partnership

Accounting UNIKA continues to expand partnerships, building cooperation with a number of universities and national and international non-education institutions in a professional manner in order to achieve common goals. and national and international non-educational institutions in a professional manner in order to achieve common goals.


Queensland University of Technology

Victoria University


Trust Unified System

Providence University

University Of San Carlos




Institut Akuntan Publik Indonesia

Ikatan Akuntansi Indonesia


Institut Akuntan Manajemen Indonesia

Jakarta Futures Exchange

Kliring Berjangka Indonesia

PT Valbury Asia Futures

Forum Dosen Akuntansi Wilayah Jawa Tengah

Lembaga Sertifikasi Profesi Auditor Forensik

MAPPI DPD Jawa Tengah


Bank Indonesia

PT Bursa Efek Indonesia

PT Bursa Berjangka Jakarta

Dirjen Pajak RI

Kementrian Luar Negeri


SMA Kristen YSKI Semarang

Ciputra Hotel

PT Pura Barutama

Kementerian Keuangan Dirjen Pajak Kanwil Jawa Tengah

KAP Harhinto Teguh