Tax Accounting

Unika Soegijapranata Accounting Study Program fully understands the need for reliable human resources in the field of accounting and taxation, therefore we open a tax accounting program. 

Why Choose UNIKA
Tax Accounting PROGRAM?

"A" Accreditation

Since 2000 until now, we have been accredited A by the National Accreditation Board (BAN). Continuously improving the quality of S1 Accounting graduates based on professionalism.

Creating a Tax Strategy

Tax accountants are needed not only to calculate how much tax must be paid by the company, but the most important thing is how to make tax strategies and planning for the company.

Ready to face the world of work

Graduates of the Accounting & Information Systems study program are expected to be able to work in the fields of business, finance, management to computerized systems.

Prospective Student Profile

The Tax Accounting Study Program is perfect for prospective students who want to learn the strategy of making taxes that must be paid by the company, to the calculation of tax planning for the company.  

We accept prospective students from  

  • High school graduates majoring in science and social studies 
  • Vocational graduates of Accounting, Business, and Finance 

WHAT THE alumnis say?

Agatha Christiani

Analisis Risiko Kredit PT. Bank Central Asia, Tbk.

Hello!!! I am Agatha Christiani, an alumnus of Accounting Unika Soegijapranata class of 2016, currently I work at PT Bank Central Asia, Tbk as a credit risk analyst. During my study, Unika Accounting Study Program provides a broad opportunity for students to excel and try new things. 

Dani Agung Santoso

Country HR Head PT Michelin Indonesia

Hello!!! My name is Dani Santoso, I am an alumnus of Accounting Unika Soegijapranata class of 1994 and graduated in 1999, I work at PT Michelin Indonesia in the field of Country HR Head.  Unika is the right place to build character and prepare myself for the future. During my study, Unika Accounting Study Program provides a wide opportunity for students to excel and try new things.  

Academic Info

UNIKA Soegijapranata Accounting students will study various accounting sciences and get a degree according to the study curriculum studied, as follows. 

144 SKS

Number of Credits Passed

Sarjana Strata 1

Education Program

4 Year

Study Period Duration

Bahasa Indonesia &

Instruction Language

Bachelor of Accounting (S.Ak.)


Career Prospect

Management Accountant

Public Accountant

Corporate Tax Consultant

Personal Tax Consultant​

Tax Planner

Tax Advisor

Tax Analyst

Tax Auditor

Accounting Study Program

We prepare the best graduates who are ready to work, by equipping in-depth knowledge, both in theory and practice, so that our students can apply it in the world of work directly.